II Hands-on International Course “Parapharyngeal Space Surgery” Transoral Robotic Surgery

  • ● Parapharyngeal space is a complex anatomic space of the head and neck where a heterogeneous group of tumors arise ● Clinical management of these lesions has always been challenging, but in the last years it has evolved as a result of technological advances in diagnostic and treatment procedures ● There are different key-points on radiology, pathology, and surgery which should be considered before proposing an optimal approach ● This course is aimed to discuss the state of art for the parapharyngeal tumors management through a two days’ work, a theoretical one and a hands-on surgery second one ● Those surgeons who dominate the parapharyngeal space surgery can deal with most of head and neck surgeries due to the intricate anatomic area ● We think this course will improve the surgical knowledge and skills of head and neck surgery specialists.

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2nd Viennese  Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

2nd Viennese  Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

● This intensive two-day masterclass in Frontal Sinus Surgery will focus on frontal sinus dissection using cutting edge 3D printed anatomical models ● Our multi-material models provide different anatomical grades of frontal sinus complexity and therefore enable the participants to approach the frontal sinus in a stepwise approach ● This workshop will mainly concentrate on the hands-on-step-by step-surgical dissection performed by the participants with close supervision from world renowned faculty ● Each dissector will undertake up to of 5 frontal Dissections and 2 Modified Endoscopic Lothrop / Draf 3 procedures ● There will be a focus on powered instrumentation in endoscopic sinus surgery elaborating the advantages and risks of this surgical technique ●